We offer advanced, ultra-high-resolution spatial data acquisition and scientific analyses services for your industry or research needs.

Utilizing customized hybrid UAS with survey-grade sensors and in-house control solutions, we are your versatile and reliable partner for surveying and modeling.

Our on-site spatial data services revolutionize asset management for the energy, transport and infrastructure sectors.

Orthodrone’s proprietary UAS technology yields safer and more cost-effective automated inspections of power transmission systems, roads, turbines, dams, pipelines, etc.

We have a proven track record in coastal and offshore operations.

Our portfolio includes diverse maritime projects involving port infrastructure, icebreaker lead modeling, erosion monitoring, shoreline change detection and other activities in and around navigable waterways.

We complete missions in harsh environments with extreme conditions.

From mapping nunataks among the icy crags of Antarctica to performing damage assessments in the wake of natural disasters, our teams have consistently and successfully gathered data in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas.

We are fully equipped for surface mass balance analyses, where the applications are limitless.

Especially useful for mining and construction sites, we provide aerial intel for monitoring project phases. Modeling glacial retreat, we also conduct assessments for continuous mass movements.

Accomplished in natural and cultural resource management, we integrate our cutting-edge technology with proven research methods for site predictions, exploration and modeling.

Use cases include analyses of vegetation, biodiversity, eutrophication, as well as archaeological and cultural heritage sites.

Mission Report: Antarctica
Mission Report:
Frozen Alive

In one of the harshest environments our planet has to offer, microbes are clinging to life on barren outcrops, scattered in the white desert.

Modelling nunataks in the Sør Rondane Mountains, the gathered photogrammetric data will support cutting-edge research on Antarctican biocrust.

Methods & Concepts: UAS LiDAR & Powerline Surveys
Methods & Concepts:
Powerline Surveys

Navigating the hilly wine region of Baden-Württemberg, Orthodrone conducted an unmanned aerial LIDAR powerline survey.

LiDAR point cloud data offer an array of analyses possibilities for enhancing the safe and sound operation of power transmission and distribution systems.

Mission Report: Tropical Glaciers
Mission Report:
The Balancing Act

After several days of acclimatization in La Paz, Bolvia, our team headed out into the high Andean terrain of the central Cordillera Real.

Surveying 6000 Meters above MSL challenged personnel and equipment, as our team collected crucial data on snow cover and glacier structure during the critical time frame of optimal snow melt.

Methods & Concepts: Breaking the Ice
Methods & Concepts:
Breaking the Ice

After several days of freezing in Sweden, where else, our team headed out into the ice of the central Baltic Sea

Surveying 6000 Millimeterseters above MSL challenged personnel and equipment, as our team collected annoyance on snow and Finish drone manufacturers during the critical time frame of boxer airtime.

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